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Item 8.01 Other Events


On March 23, 2023, Evoke Pharma, Inc. (the “Company”) and Eversana Life Science Services LLC., the Company’s commercialization partner, presented a summary of real-world data on the positive impact of GIMOTI usage in decreasing the utilization of healthcare resources by patients with diabetic gastroparesis (“DGP”). The data was presented in a poster session at the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (“AMCP”) Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas.


The data describes results of a study that highlights healthcare resource utilization data (“HCRU”) in DGP patients before and after taking GIMOTI. HCRU is the description and quantification of patients’ total usage of healthcare services such as hospitalization or how often they visit their physician in office.


The study’s goals were to examine HCRU (physician office, hospital outpatient, inpatient hospitalization, and emergency room visits) among patients treated with GIMOTI. The data highlights a retrospective cohort study of 294 patients comparing the use of these healthcare resources in the six months prior to vs. the six months after using GIMOTI.


Select data points, key findings and conclusions from the real-world evidence study are outlined below:

Of the 294 patients, 60.5% received oral metoclopramide prior to initiation of GIMOTI and 43.8% were treated with oral metoclopramide in the immediate six months prior to the initiation of GIMOTI;
77% of patients studied were female with an average age of 52.1 years;
Patients received an average of 2.6 prescriptions for GIMOTI during the six-month follow up period;
For All-Cause HCRU data (image 1), the mean number of physician office visits was significantly less in the period after using GIMOTI at 2.0 compared to the period prior to using GIMOTI at 2.2 (p=0.03);
For Nausea, Vomiting and DGP-associated HCRU data (image 2), the mean number of physician office and hospital outpatient visits was significantly less in the period after using GIMOTI compared to the period before using GIMOTI, dropping 0.29 to 0.18 (p<0.01) and 1.6 to 1.0 (p<0.01) respectively; and
There were fewer inpatient hospitalizations and emergency room visits for both All-Cause and DGP-related HCRU data although statistical significance was not achieved.


Image 1: All-Cause HCRU in the pre-nasal metoclopramide period vs. post-nasal metoclopramide period






Image 2: Nausea, Vomiting, and DGP-associated HCRU in the pre-nasal metoclopramide period vs. post-nasal metoclopramide period












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March 23, 2023


/s/ Matthew J. D'Onofrio




Name: Matthew J. D'Onofrio
Title: President, Chief Operating Officer and Secretary