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EVOKE PHARMA YOUR VOTE IS IMPORTANT! PLEASE VOTE BY: Evoke Pharma, Inc. Annual Meeting of Stockholders For Stockholders of record as of February 28, 2022 TIME: Wednesday, April 27, 2022 8:30 AM, Pacific Time PLACE: Annual meeting to be held live via the Internet Please visit www.proxydocs.com/EVOK for more details. This proxy is being solicited on behalf of the Management The undersigned hereby appoints David A. Gonyer and Matthew J. D’Onofrio (the "Named Proxies"), and each or either of them, as the true and lawful attorneys of the undersigned, with full power of substitution and revocation, and authorizes them, and each of them, to vote all the shares of capital stock of Evoke Pharma, Inc. which the undersigned is entitled to vote at said meeting and any adjournment thereof upon the matters specified and upon such other matters as may be properly brought before the meeting or any adjournment thereof, conferring authority upon such true and lawful attorneys to vote in their discretion on such other matters as may properly come before the meeting and revoking any proxy heretofore given. THE SHARES REPRESENTED BY THIS PROXY WILL BE VOTED AS DIRECTED OR, IF NO DIRECTION IS GIVEN, SHARES WILL BE VOTED IDENTICAL TO THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS RECOMMENDATION. This proxy, when properly executed, will be voted in the manner directed herein. In their discretion, the Named Proxies are authorized to vote upon such other matters that may properly come before the meeting or any adjournment or postponement thereof. If you hold shares in any Employee Stock Purchase Plan, or 401(k) savings plan of the Company (the "Plans"), then this proxy card, when signed and returned, or your telephone or Internet proxy, will constitute voting instructions on matters properly coming before the Annual Meeting and at any adjournments or postponements thereof in accordance with the instructions given herein to the trustee for shares held in any of the Plans. Shares in each of the Plans for which voting instructions are not received by [TIME AND DATE OF EXPIRATION], or if no choice is specified, will be voted by an independent fiduciary. You are encouraged to specify your choice by marking the appropriate box (SEE REVERSE SIDE) but you need not mark any box if you wish to vote in accordance with the Board of Directors’ recommendation. The Named Proxies cannot vote your shares unless you sign (on the reverse side) and return this card. PLEASE BE SURE TO SIGN AND DATE THIS PROXY CARD AND MARK ON THE REVERSE SIDE P.O. BOX 8016, CARY, NC 27512-9903 INTERNET Go To: www.proxypush.com/EVOK • Cast your vote online • Have your Proxy Card ready • Follow the simple instructions to record your vote PHONE Call 1-855-686-4811 • Use any touch-tone telephone • Have your Proxy Card ready • Follow the simple recorded instructions MAIL • Mark, sign and date your Proxy Card • Fold and return your Proxy Card in the postage-paid envelope provided You must register to attend the meeting online and/or participate at www.proxydocs.com/EVOK





Evoke Pharma, Inc. Annual Meeting of Stockholders MANAGEMENT RECOMMENDS A VOTE: FOR ON PROPOSALS 1, 2, 3 AND 4 PROPOSAL YOUR VOTE MANAGEMENT RECOMMENDS 1. To elect two directors for a three-year term to expire at the 2025 annual meeting of stockholders FOR WITHHOLD 1.01 Malcolm R. Hill, Pharm.D. #P2# #P2# FOR 1.02 Vickie W. Reed #P3# #P3# FOR FOR AGAINST ABSTAIN 2. To consider and vote upon the ratification of the selection of BDO USA, LLP as our independent registered public accounting firm for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2022 #P4# #P4# #P4# FOR 3. To consider and vote upon, on an advisory basis, the compensation of our named executiveofficers as disclosed in this proxy statement pursuant to the compensation disclosure rules of theSecurities and Exchange Commission #P5# #P5# #P5# FOR 4. To consider and vote to grant the Board of Directors the authority to effect a reverse stock split within one year #P6# #P6# #P6# FOR 5. To transact such other business as may be properly brought before the meeting or anyadjournment or postponement You must register to attend the meeting online and/or participate at www.proxydocs.com/EVOK Authorized Signatures - Must be completed for your instructions to be executed. Please sign exactly as your name(s) appears on your account. If held in joint tenancy, all persons should sign. Trustees, administrators, etc., should include title and authority. Corporations should provide full name of corporation and title of authorized officer signing the Proxy/Vote Form. Signature (and Title if applicable) Proposal_Page - VIFL Date Signature (if held jointly) Date Please make your marks like this: X